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Choosing the right caregiver


Most Frequently Asked Questions About Home Care

Client-Centered Care Sets Alvita Care Apart

Acquiring home care for a loved one is a significant and important decision. We are sure you have many questions about how it works, what it costs, what it covers, and much more. Below, we have answered the most common questions we receive regarding our services. If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

When it comes to assisting aging parents or relatives, it is important to pay attention to changes that may seem out of character. Examples of this include neglecting household maintenance, changes in mood or behavior, poor personal hygiene, weight loss, or difficulty balancing. We have years of experience advising on care at all levels based on needs and life stages. If you’re beginning to investigate the possibilities, please contact us for a complimentary in-home assessment.

While some privately hired caregivers are exceptional, hiring privately has many limitations.

First, finding a private caregiver that is a good fit for you and your family can be arduous. Oftentimes, families need to go through 10-20 caregivers to find one they like. At Alvita Care, our caregivers undergo an extensive interview process including a detailed reference check and background check. In addition, if a client is not happy with the caregiver they are matched with, we will re-match the client until all parties are thrilled with the fit.

When private caregivers call out, you are left without any backup, which can be extremely disruptive to both you and your loved one. Alvita Care has an extensive pool of caregivers to draw from if a caregiver is not able to work on a specific day.

In addition, when hiring privately, you are responsible for setting up payroll, withholding taxes, vetting caregivers, performing background checks, and purchasing sufficient liability insurance to cover accidents and injuries in the home. Without performing these tasks, you open yourself up to significant liability.

Lastly, every Alvita Care case is overseen by an experienced RN who is available to consult with you and your loved ones as you manage your loved one’s aging process.

We offer a broad range of home care for seniors and people living with disabilities at any age. We also offer bedside care at hospitals and skilled nursing facilities, private-duty nurses, and care management. Our clients come from many walks of life, and their families have unique requests and expectations that we meet on a personalized basis.
Our process for hiring caregivers is one of the most careful and thorough of any agency. Each of our caregivers is hand selected from a pool of talented applicants and must pass a background check. We seek caregivers, nurses, social workers, gerontologists, counselors, and other geriatric professionals, with the knowledge and skill to serve clients with complex and high-acuity needs.
Yes. A live care team member is available to answer the phone 24/7. In addition, caregivers and nurses can be scheduled to provide service at any time of the day or night.

Our home care service brings caregivers into the client’s home on a part- or full-time basis to help with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and companionship. Some clients request only a few hours of assistance each week, while others have a 24/7 live-in caregiver. The frequency depends on your needs and may change over time.

The need for a caregiver varies by person and living circumstances. For older adults who choose to age at home, caregivers can help them live more safely and comfortably. Some clients may need help permanently because of the natural process of aging, while others may need temporary help after surgery or an illness.

Home Care costs vary depending on the services chosen. You are always able to adjust your services, so costs are always under your control. This allows for far more flexibility than the fees you pay at a senior living community or a skilled nursing facility.

We do accept some long term care insurances. We can also help you open a claim and navigate the process for reimbursement if you have coverage.

Extensive training and education are essential to our caregivers’ professional development. They are trained in communication skills, how to recognize illnesses, daily activity planning, and safety training. We also provide Personal Care Assistant (PCA) Training classes quarterly.

In many cases, we can begin almost immediately. If you need a caregiver or know you will need one soon, contact us. We can respond on short notice, but it helps to have information about you and your needs beforehand. Your needs come first, and we will always try to meet them.

We care greatly about the client and caregiver relationship, so we use our Real Connections matching process to pair clients with caregivers who will meet their needs. This process goes above and beyond what you’d have with most home health aides. If at any time you are dissatisfied, you can contact us, and we will quickly assign someone new to help.

Each client’s needs are evaluated initially to develop a Care Plan that is reviewed and updated periodically. Client Care Managers (CCMs) provide care management services in addition to the daily caregiving provided. We look at each client holistically and consider all of their needs in their Care Plan.

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