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Bedside Care

Graphic showing bedside care by private duty nurses, NYC. Cancer care is offered by Alvita Care

Making Hospital Stays Comfortable and Safer with Bedside Care

Bedside care makes hospital stays less stressful and gives family and friends peace of mind during a challenging time. Dedicated bedside care is available 24/7, so a bedside nurse can be there with a client when family members are unable to or to provide an additional level of oversight and ensure your loved one is receiving best-in-class care.

Bedside Care Nurses are Patient Advocates

Bedside nurses are on the front lines of patient care in hospitals, specialty hospitals and skilled nursing facilities. Our nurses address health and comfort concerns immediately and assure clear communication between a patient and the health care organization. With continuous bedside care, clients are afforded a seamless experience during a hospital stay or a transition back to a regular routine.

Bedside Care Addresses Many Needs

Around-the-clock bedside care in a hospital or facility can be instrumental for older adults or anyone with mobility or cognitive issues as in-patient stays present challenges that an experienced nurse (RN) or certified nurse assistant (CNA) can ease. Our nurses help:
  • Monitor a patient’s condition following procedures, medication changes and testing 
  • Ensure a comforting, secure and safe environment  
  • Prevent pressure ulcers 
  • Assist with fall prevention through one-on-one safety and supervision
  • Extend the continuity of care from the hospital to the home setting
  • Assist with activities of daily living

Activities of Daily Living Include

Incontinance Care
Walking & Transferring

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center has selected Alvita Care as its provider of companion care and private-duty nurses.

Continuity of Care

After a patient is released from the hospital, a bedside caregiver can transition to the home for extended service, or, for someone already receiving home care and admitted to the hospital, services can continue uninterrupted. Alvita Care’s flexible and wide-ranging capabilities ensure that we can meet all a client’s care needs and assist them as those needs develop and change — this sets us apart from other home care providers.

Hospital Bedside Care from Private Nurses Is About Comfort, Safety, and Peace of Mind.

Our nurses are proactive patient advocates whose training and commitment to clients inspire their work. For us, the well-being and comfort of our clients take precedence, and the presence of a bedside nurse in the hospital or medical facility has been shown to have a beneficial impact on the quality of care received. Contact us if you need private nursing and bedside care in the hospital for a loved one, we’re ready to help!

Alvita Care Services Provide the Optimal Home Care Level for Every Need.

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