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Parkinson’s Disease

In-Home Care Services for Parkinson's Disease

Young nurse assisting a senior citizen onto his walker. Alvita care provides the best cancer care for NYC seniors.

Providing home care for someone living with Parkinson’s Disease requires expertise and compassion. At Alvita Care, our experienced caregivers for Parkinson’s understand the symptoms and daily realities, along with the need to take medicines at the right time. We can help improve your loved one’s quality of life in a safer, supervised home environment. Just as others who need home care do, our clients with Parkinson’s Disease prefer life in familiar and comfortable surroundings rather than being in a skilled nursing facility.

Parkinson’s disease care plans from Alvita Care are carefully developed and are unique to each person. We go out of our way to understand and assess each client to ensure our caregivers are addressing their every need. It’s a higher level of quality that other home care agencies or privately hired caregivers have a challenge matching. It’s also why you’ll have greater peace of mind when our caregivers support your loved one. We’ll do everything it takes to help someone with Parkinson’s Disease live comfortably and safely at home with the needed support.

Home Safety and Supervision
Certified Home Health Aides with specialized training
Diet and Nutritional Recommendations and Oversight
Assistance with the Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)
Medication Management and Reminders

Parkinson's Disease Home Care with a Client Focus

The need to rely heavily on family members for support can sometimes weigh on someone with Parkinson’s, and having a caregiver can provide some much-needed respite. Someone in the home to assist with functional mobility and personal needs makes a difference. It also can help support nutritional needs and in finding positive coping strategies. Parkinson’s Disease home care is based on individual needs and can be administered by a specially trained caregiver, or private duty nurse backed up by our care managers.

The mobility impairments associated with Parkinson’s can require hands-on caregiving, and doing it yourself at home can be demanding. Therefore, having a home care professional present for assistance helps you and your loved one live life more comfortably. The extra pair of hands we provide eases the weight of your responsibilities. We’ll also make life easier by helping with the activities of daily living, including self-care and mobility.

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