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Graphic displaying lung damage caused by COPD. Home care services in NYC is offered by Alvita Care to patients with COPD.

COPD Home Care with Care Management Plans

Most people living with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) prefer home care to other options when they need assistance. It allows them to live an independent life and provides peace of mind to family. Our private-duty nurses and caregivers have significant experience delivering COPD home care. They can help your loved one maintain quality of life and ensure a recommended in-home care plan is followed — improving COPD management at home means recognizing symptoms and taking preventative actions.

High-quality home care for COPD patients continually evolves, and our multi-disciplinary team stays abreast of all advances. It means a higher standard of care that includes careful COPD management in conjunction with a doctor’s recommendations. Helping patients stay on their medication schedules and use inhalers and other treatments optimally can improve their quality of life – and we’ll be there to help. The goal is to increase comfort and confidence while reducing emergency room or hospital visits.

Our Nurses and Caregivers Can Help

  • Slow COPD Progression

    Slow COPD Progression

  • Improve Energy Levels and the Ability to Stay Active

    Improve Energy Levels and the Ability to Stay Active

  • Monitor Home Safety to Reduce Falls and Accidents

    Monitor Home Safety to Reduce Falls and Accidents

  • Manage and Use Medications More Effectively

    Manage and Use Medications More Effectively

  • Increase the Ability to Remain Independent

    Increase the Ability to Remain Independent

Who Can Our In-Home COPD Care Program Help?

How to know when COPD home care is needed may be a question on your mind. If so, a certified caregiver from Alvita Care can be a good idea if you or your loved one has any of these symptoms: frequent flare-ups that require medications to avoid hospitalization; shortness of breath that interferes with the daily activities of living (ALDs); increased fatigue, weakness, or fall risk; challenges using inhalers or taking prescribed medications; has a recognized need to develop a better action plan to reduce flare-ups and hospitalizations. If these things sound familiar, our nurses and caregivers can help.

Having home health services also can assist COPD patients with improving their self-care routines. These include routinely checking oxygen levels, heart rate, and blood pressure. A daily review of symptoms and monitoring their severity to avoid severe flare-ups. Cleaning lungs with controlled coughing and correct huff coughing. Eating a healthy diet, avoiding smoke and other irritants that can trigger symptoms, and remembering medications and using them wisely. Each one of these makes a difference.

What’s most important when caring for someone with COPD in the home is a care plan for their unique situation – and recognizing the needs may change over time. It’s why the unmatched care management resources of Alvita Care help us deliver a higher standard of care to people living at home with COPD.

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