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Unlocking Savings: Senior Discounts at Your Favorite Stores in the NYC Metropolitan Area

As we age, it’s always a welcomed surprise to discover some of the perks that come with being in your golden years! Many stores recognize and appreciate the wisdom and experience that seniors bring by offering exclusive discounts to make shopping even more enjoyable for this group. Here’s a roundup of some fantastic senior discounts available at popular stores:


  1. Amazon Prime (50% off Prime Membership)

If you’re a recipient of Supplemental Security Income (SSI), you’re in luck! Amazon Prime offers a generous 50% discount on its membership fee, opening the doors to a world of online exclusive deals, streaming services, and fast free shipping.

  1. Goodwill (20% off – Tuesdays for 60+)

Goodwill, known for its commitment to community support, offers a 20% discount exclusively for seniors ages 60 and over. Head to your local Goodwill on Tuesdays to enjoy these savings on already budget-friendly items. Keep in mind that the discount percentage may vary by location.

  1. Joann (20% off – 1 day per month for 55+)

Calling all craft enthusiasts! If you’re 55 or older, Joann has a special treat for you. Present your state-issued ID card on a designated day (varies by location) each month and enjoy a 20% discount on your crafting supplies.

  1. Kohl’s (10% off for 60+):

Kohl’s, a popular department store, extends a 10% discount to seniors ages 60 and over. Whether you’re updating your wardrobe or sprucing up your home, using this discount is a great way to make your shopping experience even more rewarding.

  1. Michaels (10% off for 55+)

Unleash your creativity at Michaels and enjoy a 10% discount if you’re 55 or older. From art supplies to home decor, Michaels has everything you need for your next crafting project.

  1. Rite Aid (20% off – First Wednesday of each month for 65+)

Health and wellness are at the forefront at Rite Aid, and seniors ages 65 and over can enjoy a 20% discount on the first Wednesday of each month. Stock up on essentials, and prioritize your well-being without breaking the bank.

  1. TJ Maxx (10% off on Mondays for 55+)

Mondays just got better at TJ Maxx for seniors ages 55 and over. Enjoy a 10% discount on your purchases and explore the store’s ever-changing selection of fashion, home goods, and more.

These exclusive discounts are a fantastic way for seniors to stretch their budget while enjoying their favorite stores. Remember to check with your local branches for specific details and variations in discount percentages. Happy shopping!

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