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Is the United States Lagging in Help for its Family Caregivers?

An interesting article recently posted on the NY Times blog “The New Old Age” discussed strategies used by different nations to respond to a growing population with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Countries have adopted a variety of plans that include implementing more effective research strategies and better training physicians to diagnose and care for patients.

Perhaps most importantly, however, many of these plans also discussed new arrangements to provide better and more personalized homecare services to those in need.

According to recent studies, the United States has ranked below Australia, France, Japan, and Britain in the funds and support it provides for in-home care services. Unlike other countries that have managed to incorporate long-term care into their national health plans, the US has failed to take responsibility for the growing need for home care among its aging population. So, where do most in-home caregiving services in the US come from? You guessed right, family!

In most cases, the burden of caring for a loved one at home falls in the hands of informal and unpaid family home caregivers. Without the proper expertise, training, and emotional support, it often becomes difficult for these family members to take on the uneasy task of home care. This can result in an unhealthy environment for the family member taken care of and the family caregivers.

A family member who is not properly trained to deal with medical conditions may not be aware of important information regarding treatment and caring for their loved one. Furthermore, struggling with the physical and mental health difficulties that are often present is emotionally burdening and can even compromise relationships between family members. In addition to all these factors, family caregivers must often juggle multiple roles in their life besides caregiving, including taking care of their children, their home, and their own careers. So what can be done?

At Alvita Care, we often speak to family caregivers who want the best for their loved ones but are unsure about how to act or where they can get help. Our team can help relieve family caregivers through a commitment to providing premier in-home care services designed to enhance our clients’ well-being, independence, and dignity. Not only can this relieve family caregivers from the time-consuming and often overbearing task of home care, but it also provides relief and assurance to family members who know that their loved ones are happy, safe, and cared for. By customizing care plans that meet the unique needs and desires of each individual and their families, we can help reduce stress and provide healthier, more effective, and more rewarding home care experiences.

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