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Support Groups for Caregivers of Aging Parents

Being a caregiver to an elderly loved one requires energy and patience.

Many support groups are available to help home caregivers in New York City. At Alvita Care, we recommend taking advantage of these support groups as they can be very helpful and comforting. The 92nd Street Y has entire programs designed for seniors and their caregivers and holds events in the arts, music, dance, and more. The Y also has religious-specific programs and free events for seniors. This is a great relief for you as the caregiver as you may have the peace of mind that your loved one is happy and well looked after. The JCC Manhattan has support groups for caregivers on an ongoing basis. The weekly support group topics cover issues ranging from dementia care to incontinence care. These support groups for home caregivers are facilitated by a licensed social worker who is specially trained and equipped to handle the emotional struggles associated with being a caregiver for the elderly. Also, the JCC holds adult daycare programs that are reasonably priced. Adult daycare programs have the dual purpose of allowing your elderly parent to engage in an activity and, at the same time, engage in peer-group social interaction. A hidden benefit to adult daycare programs is that they provide you–the primary caregiver of an aging loved one–respite care for a few hours a day. The Department of Aging also offers caregiver support groups. At Alvita Care, we can help recommend a program that is right for your needs and those of your loved ones. We have plenty of experience and feedback from our clients that attend a variety of support groups and who can help your decision on where to attend. An alternative to the traditional Meals on Wheels Program is “God’s Love We Deliver.” This program delivers meals to the elderly in their home with an added perk – the food is actually really good! Starting in 1985, this organization has grown to be a backbone of the successful independence of the elderly living in the New York City area. Not only do the drivers of the trucks and volunteers deliver food to the elderly, but they are also helpful eyes and ears on the ground. Trained to note changes in behavior and appearance of elderly clients, they can report any changes in the elderly clients that they notice. This service can help you–as a caregiver–because it is one less meal that you have to prepare and worry about! To our great relief, the is a great place to age and is equipped with many different support groups for the elderly and respite care options that can help improve the aging experience. For anyone needing help and support at home, Alvita Care provides in-home care in New York City, Long Island, Westchester County, and New Jersey.    

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