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Spring Hobbies for NYC Elderly and Seniors

Great weather is on the horizon for New York City, so why not take advantage of this much-needed change of season?

Seniors everywhere are starting to venture outside for a breath of fresh air and a few rays of sunshine.

Here are some great spring hobbies your aging parents can participate in!

1. Go to outdoor markets. With the beginning of good weather, flea and farmers’ markets often begin to hold regular openings at local parks or community centers. You can find great new additions to your garden at these markets, fantastic fresh local produce, and meet new people. These markets are great ways to be an active community member and eat seasonally. Studies have shown that eating seasonally helps provide the body with the daily nutrients needed to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Check your local listings in the newspaper or online.

2. Host a garden party or picnic in the park. This is a fun way to gather your family and friends to celebrate the great weather with food, drink, and festivities. Choose a springy menu with lots of fresh produce and light spring salads. Invite the grandkids and provide games that you and your grandchildren can play together like ring toss, badminton, beach volleyball, or Frisbee target toss. Building this sense of community will reaffirm the great support system your family has built for you and allow you to create new memories with your loved ones.

3. Go to a garden show. With spring dawning, botanical gardens will be in full bloom. Take advantage of these garden shows and go smell the flowers. This is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors while admiring the beautiful seasonal flowers and plants. This may even inspire you to start a garden of your own!

4. Pick up bird watching. Just as seasonal as garden shows are, bird migration patterns depend on the change of seasons. While this hobby will take some time to develop and perfect, you can learn to spot unique birds flying across the sky with practice. Especially when taking walks through nearby parks and wildlife reserves, this fun pastime can often be a satisfying way to pass the time.

5. Go wine tasting. If you live close to wine country or have access to wine tasting classes, this is a great way to socialize with other people while learning about new types of wine. Especially as a way to spice up your relationship with your spouse, wine tasting is a great activity to do as a couple or to go in groups with friends. Check your local vineyards for times for wine tasting.

6. Outdoor exercise. Exercise is important to maintain independence, mobility, strength, and a healthy lifestyle. As the weather continues to get better, go for a walk outside or practice yoga in the park with a group of friends. The local community center may even have outdoor hikes that you can join.

Often seniors are left inside, especially during the colder seasons, so take advantage of the warm weather to get some fresh air. Outside activities like gardening, bird watching, or a simple stroll can increase blood flow throughout the body and promote a happy and healthier lifestyle.

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