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Need to Know

Preserving Mental Health in Seniors

At every age, having great mental health requires work.

The New York City Department for the Aging states that good mental health is judged by one’s ability to be flexible have optimism, and have a sense of humor, along with the conviction that life is worth living.

Though it is a common thought that depression and anxiety are a natural part of the aging process, there are means by which to prevent and treat both issues.

Healthy Lifestyle Choices
There is no getting around the fact that general healthy lifestyle choices promote overall good health. No smoking, a balanced diet, and daily exercise will maintain good physical function and help the brain function at its best.

The Talking Cure
A geriatric psychologist specializes in mental diseases that mainly affect the elderly. Getting proper checkups and maintaining steady appointments will help to both catch and alleviate any possible issues. Older adults have a range of emotional needs that differ from those in their younger years. It is important to remember this.

Preserve Independence
Apart from feeling the gravity of age is losing one’s independence. Preserving a sense of control will help to bolster both self-esteem and control and possibly fight off depression. Apart from this, too, is getting around as if age isn’t an issue. Becoming involved in community activities, attending art events, operas, and plays, and feeling invested in life is a good ways to maintain joy.

Get Rid of Shame
There is much stigma attached to old age and its ramifications of aging. This adds to both depression and anxiety. It is necessary to remember (and reinforce, for the adult children and caregivers reading) that there is nothing wrong with age and that it does not have to be a limit.

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