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Living Independently in NYC: 5 Tips for Elderly

In a city that is notoriously known as the city that never sleeps, boasting amazing nightlife and other activities, it can be hard to grow older in New York City.

While Taxis may be convenient, they can grow to be costly if that is the main mode of transportation you rely on.

If you or your aging loved ones are retired, living in the city without a continuous income can be burdensome and difficult. Not only does it limit the quality of service you may receive, but by not managing your funds correctly, you run the risk of not even having access to services when you need them. Here are some tips to live independently in New York City.

1. Take advantage of community activities. Often local community centers and parks will have activities specifically designed for seniors that are either free or offered at a steeply discounted price. This is a great way for seniors to stay active, preserve a healthy lifestyle, and maintain social relations with other seniors. Preserving healthy living habits can help decrease fall risk, increase flexibility, and increase muscle strength for better balance and walking.

2. Plan ahead. Plan for the future while you have the chance, including incidences and emergencies. By doing this, you don’t have to worry that the wrong decisions will be made or that your savings will be utilized in ways that you don’t want them to be. This protects you against financial problems and provides your children with the peace of mind that things will be done exactly the way you instructed. It may seem morbid to consider these things while you are still healthy, but planning ahead is the key to having peace of mind and not worrying about the future.

3. Prepare your house. If you are avoiding moving into an assisted living facility, make the necessary preparations now to ensure that your home remains comfortable well into the aging process. This means that if you live on a fifth-floor walk-up in the best part of Manhattan, it may be time to consider trading that apartment for a building with an elevator and doorman. Especially when dealing with the elderly who live alone and decide to stay in their homes, often their doormen are the only way of watching over them. Additionally, if you are living alone, cleaning a five-bedroom apartment may grow to be a difficult task. Thus it is important to consider factors like stairs, controllable climate conditions, and comfort when wanting to be able to live independently for as long as possible.

4. Create a log or daily journal. If you are currently managing your own medications, consider creating a blog. When the time comes that you are no longer able to care for yourself, a log will help others provide superior home care that will make you feel more comfortable and safe.

5. Actively preserve your independence and mobility! Don’t let your age be a factor in why you shouldn’t do the things you love. Unless your doctor has specifically warned you against doing certain activities, you should continue to live the independent life you’ve been living. This will make you feel fulfilled and independent in a way that no amount of preparation or planning can.

While health constraints most certainly have an effect on your lifestyle, your age should not. Don’t let a number handicap you or your elderly parents, but rather help to take advantage of the activities they can still participate in.

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