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Hobbies for Wheelchair Bound Seniors: 10 More New Suggestions

Being in a wheelchair can be challenging and limit many of the activities you can do.

But rather than allow your lifestyle to fall to the wayside, pick up some great hobbies that are perfect for seniors living in wheelchairs.

1. Scuba diving. Handicapped elderly can now learn to scuba dive through special programs designed for seniors, usually in wheelchairs. The buoyant nature of water allows even handicapped or partially paralyzed seniors to move with ease around the pool. Check with your local pool for elderly hours reserved specifically for seniors.

2. Fishing and Hunting. Such activities can easily be modified to the lives of seniors who are no longer mobile. Because these activities, especially fishing, can easily be done from the leisure of a seat. Especially living in the city, there are many opportunities to go out to the river to participate in one of America’s oldest pastimes.

3. Wheelchair dancing. The up-and-coming fad for all ages of people living in wheelchairs, wheelchair dancing is a great way to meet others and participate in a pastime for both men and women! Check out the American Dance Wheels Foundation for a program near you.

4. Gardening. If you have access to a garden or yard, consider gardening a serious hobby. While many believe that landscaping and gardening is an easy hobby that isn’t time-consuming, taking care of plants can be as difficult as caring for a newborn. Especially when cultivating different types of plants, they can be fickle and need constant care.

5. Stay in contact with relatives. While this is not necessarily a hobby, exercising your mind is very important. While many of the hobbies or activities you might pick up will emphasize your physical abilities, it is important to keep your mind active.

6. Cooking. Often being in the house is the most comfortable place for seniors in wheelchairs. Encourage them to pick up cooking and experiment with different types of cuisine. Especially if your senior needs to be conscious of what they eat, by learning to cook healthy, eating healthy can be fun and even rewarding!

7. Horseback riding. If accessible, contact your local stables for modified horseback riding. For those who enjoy animals, horseback riding can be a great way to travel off the beaten path and still be able to travel.

8. Puzzles. This activity can also be enjoyed from the comfort of home. Large puzzles can be a great way to exercise the brain and figure out challenging or complex puzzles.

9. Follow the news. While reading the newspaper is a quick way to get a sense of what is going on in the world, consider following the news from all points of view. By subscribing to multiple newspapers, news, and economic magazines and watching varying news sites, you can easily gain a full and complete picture of all sorts of national and world issues.

10. Exercise. Staying active and healthy is important even if you are in a wheelchair. Consider using free weights to do repetitive lifts or giant rubber bands to exercise and maintain muscle mass. Additionally, practicing breathing can help to manage stress and increase blood circulation.

Regardless if you are in a wheelchair or mobile, it is important to keep your body and mind active and well exercised. This will help you to lead a healthy and longer lifestyle with fewer health complications in the future.

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