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Need to Know

Hayley H., Los Angeles, CA

I really do not have enough words of gratitude in my vocabulary for Alvita Care. What they have done for my family is so beyond what I expected from an agency. My mother is in the mid-stages of Alzheimer’s and is primarily cared for by my father. I had been flying home to help my parents every six weeks or so until I found Alvita Care.

The care coordinator met with us and brought applicants to meet with my parents and myself. The first person ended up not being the right fit… With a few more caregivers we found the perfect fit! And I mean PERFECT!

They always sound like they have a smile at the other end of the phone and when you’re dealing with elderly parents or loved ones from far away, I cannot tell you how much comfort that brings. Alvita Care has brought me such peace of mind…brought my father respite and most of all I see the quality of life that my parents have today is so much better than it was a year ago…

–Hayley H., Los Angeles, CA

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