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Finding the Right Fit: Caregiving Cross Cultures

Alvita Care has been an incredible relief for me.”

For Daniel, finding the right care for his mother, Rona, was a complex and strenuous process.

But today, Daniel could not be more satisfied with the wonderful women who look after his mom.

Knowing that Alvita Care’s committed home caregivers are looking after his mother allows him to live with true peace of mind day and night.

Rona was always a very strong and intelligent woman. A New Yorker by adoption and an art historian by training, she had a very successful career as an art dealer and consultant. In her early eighties, though, Rona began to develop vascular dementia and a host of other health problems. Last summer, after she was hospitalized, it became clear that she would require round-the-clock attention. Daniel interviewed a number of different companies but decided that Alvita Care was the only one equipped to deal with his mother’s rather strenuous needs.

It took a few weeks to find the right caregivers to look after Rona, but soon after Loraine stepped into Rona’s home, it became clear that this was the right match. Loraine knew about the complexity of this case and had been warned that it might turn out to be impossible to connect with Rona. Nevertheless, Loraine brought a warm heart and joy into Rona’s home Rona learned to accept her. In fact, in a surprisingly short period, Rona proved to be very cooperative and cheerful. Loraine now works with Rona full-time along with Dorry, another caregiver, and they have become a remarkable team in caring for Rona. Daniel describes Loraine and Dorry as “simply spectacular: even-tempered, good-humored, patient, and extremely caring.” Although Rona doesn’t always remember their names, she remembers that she can trust them. When asked to describe her caregiver, she always replies, “She’s just a wonderful lady.”

“Alvita Care has been with us through the most complex times for my mother and has provided the best services I could have asked for.”

Since Daniel lives in another state, Alvita Care also provides geriatric care management services to Rona, and Daniel says that he rests easily, knowing that his mother is in good hands while he is far away. Daniel feels that one of the best qualities of Alvita staff members is their sense of humor, an important quality when it comes to dealing with aging loved ones. He is completely satisfied with the home care services that the Alvita Care team has provided: “They are proactive, responsive, efficient, and very experienced in geriatric care and the entire medical field. I could not be more satisfied.”

Although Daniel knows that Rona’s memory is not going to improve at this stage, he believes that her home caregivers have helped stabilize her condition. Dorry and Lorraine make her constantly exercise her mind, encouraging her to keep up with current events and continue reading the newspaper every day. They make sure to exercise her brain as much as possible without leading her to feel anxious and uncomfortable. Daniel chuckles at the great irony that his Jewish mother’s new favorite pastime is singing Anglican hymns with Dorry and eating Jamaican fish sandwiches on a regular basis. In the end, he is confident that she is getting the best care available at a price he can afford.

*All the names in this newsletter have been changed for privacy reasons.

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