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Best Hobbies for Seniors

As we spoke about in our blog post last week, aging is no reason for our parents and loved ones to stop enjoying themselves! Below are a few activities that Alvita Care suggests could be a great fit for seniors:

Studies show that seniors who read tend to be happier than those who don’t. If your loved one enjoys reading, by all means– encourage them! If they have eye-sight problems, see if you can find enjoyable books in larger print or you can ask a friend or hire a helper to read to them. You can also consider audiobooks—they are available in many libraries and sites like, which offer a wide variety of audiobooks and newscasts.

Playing a Musical Instrument
Many seniors remember at an older age that they once had a love for a certain type of music. If they once played an instrument, encourage them to pick it up again! If they never did and still have an interest in learning how to play, try to arrange some music lessons for them.

Many seniors love gardening because it requires constant attention and care. Beginning by planting just a few flowers this upcoming spring might help beautify your loved one’s home and give them another reason to go outside every morning. Many indoor gardening options are available for the winter months, like caring for plants and herbs that grow inside the house.

Practicing a Language
Many seniors come from families of immigrants and might have spoken another language while growing up. These languages are often forgotten over time, but seniors hold on to a passion for their native language and roots. Helping them to pick up this language again by arranging conversation lessons or even encouraging them to watch films or read books in this language can help bring back great memories and exercise our loved one’s minds.

Many people see drawing or painting as a way to relax, enjoy themselves, and keep up their creative spirit. Several art schools and centers offer art courses for senior citizens that modify their activities and expectations according to each individual’s abilities and interests. Check out the course schedule at the 92nd Street Y in NYC, which offers many such courses. Many art teachers will offer private lessons and will make even make house calls upon request!

At Alvita Care, we like to keep our clients healthy and happy. As part of our companionship services, our home caregiving team can help encourage activities and assist in bringing joy and inspiration to your loved one’s life!



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