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Cancer Care at Bedside from Licensed Nurses

Alvita Care at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) has selected Alvita Care to provide bedside care for patients who want additional clinical oversight by having one-on-one assistance while in the hospital. Our private-duty nurses have additional training that makes them well equipped to help people recovering from cancer surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation. Our bedside cancer care at MSKCC is administered by registered nurses (RNs) and Certified Nursing Assistances (CNAs), depending on a client’s needs. They understand that recovering from cancer treatment is stressful and uncomfortable, and they’re there to help.

Our founding principle of providing care without compromises aligns closely with the specialized needs of cancer care. Our nurses serving as medical caregivers work closely with our care managers, who have years of experience understanding the specific needs of cancer patients. Their dedication to easing the unpleasant moments and ensuring doctor’s orders are followed closely can contribute to faster recoveries and shorter hospital stays. The information our nurses provide helps doctors gain comfort about discharge dates and care in general – our nurses ensure a higher level of patient care.

Continuous Bedside Care 24/7 if Needed

Continuous bedside cancer care during a stay at MSKCC is comforting for friends and family. Our private-duty nurses can be present at the bedside 24/7 to provide needed medical services. More importantly, our expert care gives you greater peace of mind that your loved one’s condition is being monitored continuously. When you want or need an update, it’s as easy as calling the nurse to put your mind at ease. Because of our expertise in cancer caregiving, we know what to watch for and what’s essential to let you know. We coordinate closely with doctors and hospital staff to deliver seamless care.

Clear communication with physicians and hospital staff allows them to do their jobs better. Our RNs can answer questions and provide perspective as doctors visit during their rounds. Patient comfort is the top priority for our nurses and is always top of at the forefront of our minds. They can also attend to immediate needs and calm anxieties that may arise from both patients and their families. Cancer surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy can have side effects and aftereffects that are uncomfortable and stressful. We understand the realities and can help provide emotional support. Having a nurse present who knows what to expect can bring a significant level of comfort.

NYC cancer caregiver providing home care for cancer patients. Bedside services are also offered by Alvita Care's licensed private-duty nurses.

  • Post-Surgical and Post-Treatment Support
  • Monitor Vital Signs
  • Communicate with Doctors and Hospital Nurses
  • Wound Care if Required
  • Medication Oversight and Care Management
  • Emotional Support
  • Assistance with Daily Living Activities

Bedside Care from Licensed Cancer Nurses

Alvita Care has been selected to provide bedside cancer care at MSKCC, thanks to the dedication and training of our nursing staff. Our RNs and CNAs are known for their commitment to our clients and their families. They understand the unique needs and anxieties a cancer diagnosis and the resulting surgery or treatment can bring. During difficult and unpleasant moments, they are there day and night, applying their expertise and lending a hand. It’s the hospital version of our highly regarded home care and helps an in-patient stay go as smoothly as possible and, when possible, lead to an earlier discharge date.

As anyone who has experienced cancer themselves or with a loved one knows, it can be one of the most overwhelming diagnoses to receive. There is no better place in the world to receive cancer treatment and care than at MSKCC. Its globally renowned physicians, researchers, and nurses are on the front lines of the battle against cancer. The private-duty nursing care for cancer that we provide to MSKCC patients supports the hospital’s work and mission as it improves the experience for our clients. Please call us today or visit us online at if you’d like to learn more about our in-hospital services at MSKCC or our home cancer care.

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