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Why Home Care

Benefits of In-Home Care Services for Seniors

A senior women with her caregiver. Certified health aides provide mobility assistance to seniors with Parkinson's disease.

Why Home Care?

The benefits of receiving in-home assistance are numerous and extend beyond those to the individual receiving care. Engaging a qualified third-party care provider can relieve stress on family members that would otherwise be responsible for providing care. In many cases, the cost of receiving personalized in-home care may be less than living in an assisted living or nursing home facility.

How Alvita Care Became A Family: Our Heritage

Established in 2005

Our founder, Tracy Ongena, never dreamed she would start a health care business as she studied economics and had a passion for business.

As she was working on Wall Street, her grandmother started to call less and less. Tracy started to notice that her sentences didn’t always make sense and she would repeat herself frequently. Tracy sensed something was going on with Nana but thought Nana was invincible so rationalized her behavior to poor sleep. Tracy thought “How could Nana need help. She has live 85 years working and running the family farm. She’s superwomen”. In the winter of 2008, Tracy went home for Thanksgiving and found her Nana asleep on the couch with clutter everywhere. Nana’s house was always meticulous, not a thing out of place and the floors so clean you could eat off of them. Now she saw Nana and couldn’t tell the last time she showered. She quickly learned she had stopped collecting the mail and it was being held at the post office. Tracy was immediately called to action.

This personal experience was the catalyst for Tracy to leave a career on Wall Street and bring her Iowa experience to help seniors all around the New York City metropolitan area. Tracy sets herself as an example to her staff, promoting to them her philosophy and mission of “care without compromise“.  This is the ethic upon which Alvita Care was established, to raise the standard of excellence for home health aides in the NY/NJ area.  In honor of her grandmother’s experience, she founded this company on the belief that seniors can and should live fulfilling and independent lives in their own homes while remaining connected to their community. In 2012, we changed our name from Home Life Health Care to Alvita Care in order to better reflect the unique perspective we bring to the home care industry.  The origin of our new name “Alvita” literally means “to life.” For us, this better reflects our commitment to improving the quality of life for each and every one of our clients.

Our Company Values

At Alvita Care, our mission is simple: to improve the quality of peoples’ lives, help them maintain their independence and protect their dignity by providing each client with the highest quality personal home care while projecting a positive, caring and fulfilling working environment for our staff.

To further this mission, we communicate in an open and honest way within all our relationships and aim to be as straightforward as possible in all our communications. We are all about fostering an active and positive environment where both caregivers and clients feel self-valued, respected, and have a say in voicing their concerns. We recognize our clients as human beings; individuals deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. We offer a customized care service to reflect these values.

Our dedication to these values is a cornerstone of our continued success.

Our People & Our Matching Process

Alvita Care employees are not just qualified healthcare professionals. They are compassionate individuals dedicated to their clients. We take great care in selecting our staff and only hire individuals whom we would trust to care for our own families.

It’s important to have a caregiver who is compatible with your loved ones. We carefully match an experienced caregiving professional to each client based on his or her personality and needs. We will happily make changes at any time should you desire. Learn more about our caregivers.

Our Clients

We go the extra mile to help our clients and ensure the care they receive from us is top-notch. Many have been so pleased with our service that they have offered to share their experiences with others. See what our clients are saying about us.

We are always thinking about and exploring new avenues to enhance our clients’ quality of life

  1. We are open to new ideas and honest about how we can improve our services
  2. We encourage feedback and suggestions from our clients, their families and our own team members
  3. We know that responsiveness, communication, and continuity are keys to the highest quality home care

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